Responsibility of an artist

Posted: July 30, 2016 in Ramblings of an artist

Artists claim to represent the soul of a culture especially those who do portraits and documentary photography. There is no doubt their work is serious. People trust them to be their voice and stand for their problems.
Many a times people open their hearts to us, with a hope, that we would highlight their plight and plead for their rights. In portraits, people trust that either their portraits would be treated with respect.
This is a great onus, the one which requires a bit of sensitivity and responsibility.
An artist is not expected to post a picture of someone in distress and then making the poor soul, a butt of jokes on social media. Documentary photographers take pictures of homeless people, physically disables, migrants, war torn families, transgenders, poor under disgraceful conditions and miserable wrecks on the margins of society.
Would it be called a responsible behavior, if the artists themselves start ridiculing their subjects, making fun of those caught in the whirlwinds of fate?
An artist is expected to have a tender empathetic approach with an aim to draw our attention to human miseries rather than creating a theater of absurd
Similarly sometimes portrait of a lady is posted and one is shocked to read irresponsible comments even from very senior members of photographic community.
This is perturbing especially when we observe even photographer himself joining the mocking crowds and passing chorus of double entendre.
This attitude is non-serious and is totally unacceptable from senior photographers. This not only sets a bad example for the juniors but is also a clear breach of trust with subjects of our photographic art
Many a times target of these teenage bawdiness and innuendos.are educated ladies who are expected to notice these discussions on social media. I wonder what they feel about these respectable members having a good time.
I personally feel this attitude is due to lack of respect for the art itself, lack of knowledge about role of artist in community and last but not the least combined with our social attitude where a female
( especially who comes out of their house) is treated as a source of pleasure for probing eyes of males.



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