Termite life

Posted: July 30, 2016 in Ramblings of an artist

Life in a cosmopolitan city, has an attraction that one can remain faceless amidst a vast ocean of people, a luxury denied to those from villages and small towns.
Sometimes, I feel like sitting in one corner, watching the teeming life around me, whirling in endless circles . In a pensive mood, I wanna absorb buzz of humanity. The weary faces, tense looks and endless toil to bear the cross of their existence.
Their lives tend to convey a message of triumph of humanity against nature but at the same time I realize that in a blink of an eye, I as well as those around me would be no more,
This has been a fait accompli, for those millions of generations before us and would be for millions more to come after us.
For how long? No one knows.
The life seems like a conveyor belt, slowing inches us toward final destination, crushing and grinding not only individuals but civilizations mercilessly.
The contemplation, humbles me to realize fickleness of life and intrigues me to question, whether there is any method in this madness? Can we make this life more meaningful and if so why and how?
Just sitting, apparently doing nothing, it matters much more than so many hours spent in emotional deprivation in what Wallace Stegner called, “the termite life we have created.”

Termite life


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