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This is a time of faith. To publicly express and display religious sentiments, exhorting others to do the same. A time difficult to avoid being swept in frenzy especially when being conformist seems easy and safe. Any attempt to keep aloof carries the risk of being brandished as infidel.

Even if the situation is not so bad (at least for the time being) pursuing art with an aim to uphold higher values of humanism seems precarious. The compulsion to take sides with everyone getting fanatic makes it difficult of practicing art with a dream of a peaceful world.

In this milieu of growing mistrust and xenophobia, art, a universal language; has the potential to make us realize that people all over the world are essentially the same. However there is a serious threat, that this might be lost in thick dust being raised by religious hatred and jingoism of holy wars.

However even in this situation, creating or experiencing art can at least relax and sooth us, though we may fail to make others feel the same The process of creating art engages both the body and the mind and provides us a chance to look inward and reflect.  Experiencing art also gives us reason to think and be reflective or may inspire us to keep  faith in human and ethical values Art provides a release, a place for reflection and away to engage our whole selves. We need art to keep our sanity

This reminds me of words of, art critic Raymond Steiner

 There was a time when the world thought that the artist was chosen, and that they were on a mission not to tell us what we have but what we might have if we’d only get our act together and see beyond the obvious. Art was supposed to transcend life, not imitate it. Crap is obvious—and I for one am wearied by its presence. Show me please the light at the end of the tunnel. Show me yet once again how beauty can nourish my inner being. Don’t show me what is, show me what can be, and how I might get there—even if only in my mind—as I lose myself in a painting, a musical score, a poem, or photograph.”